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Classic Car Insurance in PA

Classic car insurance works in a very similar manner to a regular auto policy with a handful of exceptions, since you’re insuring a vehicle with a value that can fluxuate significantly depending on a number of variables.  Before you think about classic insurance, however, it’s important to know whether or not your vehicle qualifies as a classic.  This is not as clear as it would appear, and different insurance carriers have different specifications for obtaining classic car insurance on a vehicle.  Age, of course is one of the largest factors in determining whether or not a car is eligible for classic car insurance, but not the only factor. If you’re in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Delaware,  Allied Insurance Group can help you figure out the best coverage for your auto, no matter its age or classic status.

Factors in Classic Car Insurance

Some of the factors involved in determining whether or not a car qualifies as a classic, and as such can be insured as a classic are age, usage, interest in the vehicle, and more.  Is the car driven for recreational use or is it part of a collection?  Is there another vehicle used for daily use?  Is the car garage-kept, locked away, or otherwise protected?  Since it’s still an automobile, financial responsibility is still required if the car is to be registered for any type of road use.

Optional Coverages for Classic Car Insurance

Because Allied Insurance is an independent auto insurance agency, we can provide a large variety of options based on your specific needs for your classic or antique vehicle.  If you regularly show your vehicle at auto shows, or your vehicle has unique spare parts which need special coverage, we can find coverage for virtually anything.    Our approach is simple – we represent you, the client, and not the carrier, so our obligation is to find you the best product for you.

Whether it’s a 1960’s Corvette, an old Studebaker, or any other classic vehicle, make sure it’s protected and can be enjoyed for years to come. Feel free to  call us or contact us here for further information on classic car insurance.

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