Is your basement’s sump pump ready for Spring?

Is your basement’s sump pump ready for Spring?

OK so springtime is finally here, with all that melting snow and rain that has saturated the ground, water is a big concern. Don’t forget to keep your sump pumps in good condition!!

If you haven’t yet, consider installing a battery backup to help insure yours will not fail in the event of a power outage. A battery called watchdog is specifically made for sump pumps and in an emergency, they will keep your pump working up to 6 continuous hours!!

For the additional coverage, call us to find out about the sump pump and water back up endorsement. Especially if your basement is finished off as a living area.

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  1. Tobias Armstrong

    I never thought about installing a battery backup for my sump pump. We have periodic power outages where we’re from, but we haven’t had any issues with my pump yet. I guess that doesn’t mean that I should avoid being prepared for something like that though. Thanks for sharing!

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