Insurance FAQs

Q: Why is my dwelling amount of coverage on my homeowners more than my mortgage?

A: The amount of coverage for your homeowners is not based on market value, it is the cost to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss. The cost of construction and the location of your property may also affect the dwelling amount coverage. Replacement cost gives you approximately 20% more coverage to due to the costs of materials that may vary during the course of a year.

Q: How much liability coverage do I really need?

A: That depends on the amount of assests you need to protect? If you do not have sufficient coverage you risk losing everything you worked so hard to get.

Q: Why does it cost almost as much for collision on my older car than my new car?

A: With all the new safety feature discounts on new or newer cars, it reduces the costs of injuries and theft. In addition, the costs to repair older cars are not much less than new ones. Sometimes the parts are hard to find and more expensive if in demand.

Q: For young drivers, is the driver training and good student discount worth getting if you qualify?

A: This is a program we hope to implement soon.

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